Own project

Loneliness. The sound of silence day after day for years. All these people live alone for decades. During the shooting, I asked everyone what they dream of. I was shocked by their answers. To fall asleep and no longer wake up is what my heroes want.  


Vyshgorod, 2020

Shooting and text for Gazeta.UA


In Vyshgorod, Kyiv region, for 10 years, one person gives meal for those who need it. Every day Svitlana makes 20 lunches in her small cafe.


Vyshgorod, 2019

Shooting took place in the house of old or lonely Jewish people. Photos have been used to help collect donations to repair their apartments.

Each apartment tells its own story. Every person has lived a long and interesting life.


Kyiv, 2018

Shooting for National Geographic

A woman and her child are photographed in the Romashka camp. “When the war came to Donetsk, my husband went to fight in the ATO [Ukrainian Antiterrorist Operation]. Since then I have been living alone with a kid”


Kharkiv, 2015

Shooting for school

Graduation from primary school.

Kyiv, 2016

Shooting for me)

Love. Home. Motherland


This is my home. My great-grandfather's mother was born here. I'm not sure about our family history before that. It is here where my family survived the Holodomor. It’s my family’s place of power.

There is nothing tastier than grandma's soup. There is nothing better than tea from your favorite cup. Love.



Ukraine, 2016