Now I'm in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

Charity in Vyshgorod


For 10 years Svitlana Svystun gives lunches for those who need it. She is Kirpulka Cafe owner. Svetlana Svistun and Raisa Kravchenko, an employee of the local Red Cross, organized a social meal on their own. They told me about the initiative.


"There was an organization in the city that fed the elderly for charity money. Then the money stopped giving, and it was over. But they kept coming to my cafe. I will feed one then the other, Svetlana tells me " We are dying. People come and we can't help it. " And I told her that I often have dinners and I can give them away. We started to give 5, then at 7 item, and now, look at how many people."

Every day in the cafe prepare 20 dinners for the elderly and all who need free food. Whether it is holidays or not. There are always 20 dinners ready for people.

Different people come to dine. There are regular visitors, such as Galina, Natalya with cerebral palsy, blind and deaf. And the new ones are fed on schedule. There are many cancer patients who need a good diet. For free lunches, Svitlana prepares what is available. There are potatoes, pasta, buckwheat. People come to choose themselves. One packet can have borsch with pasta and chops, and another with soup with buckwheat and steake. 

The charity program includes 80 people and a total of 20 dinners. Now there is a certain system - one month brings dinners, 3 months break. 

Vyshgorod, 2019